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Image of the DfA Award presented to VoiSecBelow is a chronological list of past, current and future events related to the company Libego and/or VoiSec.

November 2008. VoiSec Lite, VoiSec 7 and VoiSec Photo are  introduced. VoiSec and Soft Touch of previous models are withdrawn.  

February 2006. The VoiSec Soft Touch versions of the previous models are introduced. The Soft Touch requires less activation force and will play also if touched lightly near the edge.

November 2005. New inspirational brochures are published, promoting the usage of VoiSec. See Brochures to learn more.

October 2005. The VoiSec Multimessage is introduced. This product is just as easy to use as the VoiSec Singlemessage but can store several recordings.

September 2005. VoiSec on the Morning Café show of the French TV channel M6.

September 2005. The German HotSpot Magazin (Ausgabe 3/2005) mentions VoiSec. Read the article in pdf-format>>

July/August 200 2005. Scanorama, the in-flight magazine of Scandinavian Airlines Systems, mentions VoiSec. Read the article in jpg-format>>

July 19-21, 2005. VoiSec on exhibition at Sight Village ( Birmingham , UK ).

May 13, 2005. New review of VoiSec, in French, in le Journal du Geek.

May 11-13, 2005. VoiSec on exhibition at Sight City ( Frankfurt , Germany ).

April 28, 2005. Review of VoiSec at www.i4u.com.

April 1, 2005. Numerous blogs begin telling nice things about VoiSec. Search for VoiSec on your favorite search engine to find them.

April 1, 2005. VoiSec is listed as "Recommended aid" by the Swedish Handicap Institute.

March 18, 2005. VoiSec presented on Sweden 's official web site, "Year of Design Will Boost Swedish Industry".

January, 2005. Regular VoiSec sales begin.

November, 2004. VoiSec on exhibition at Medica 2004 ( Dusseldorf , Germany ).

October 13-15, 2004. VoiSec on exhibition at "ID-dagarna" ( Stockholm , Sweden ).

October, 2004. First delivery of VoiSec to customer (IrisHadar AB, Sweden).

October 8, 2004. VoiSec presented on the official web site of Sweden's Minister for Social Affairs (Swedish only).

October 6, 2004. VoiSec wins the prototype class of the Design for All Award in the Hague, Holland .

October, 2004. Manufacturing of VoiSec begins.

August 09, 2004. Libego AB signs manufacturing deal with Swedish plastic injection molding company, Plast AB Orion.

August 03, 2004. Libego AB signs manufacturing deal with Swedish electronics manufacturer, Note AB.

May, 2004. VoiSecs finishes fourth in the business plan competition Venture Cup Ost.

November 14, 2003. Libego is one of the winners of the Vinn Nu 2003 business concept competition.

July, 2003. Company activities begin.



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